Friday, May 18, 2012

British Kids Read Their e-Books On a Bigger Screen, says New Study from Bowker

Laptops dominate devices for the picture book crowd, while tweens kindle an interest in e-readers

London, UK - May 14, 2012 - British children aged 10 and under are reading e-books, but on laptops rather than designated devices like the Amazon Kindle. But once they turn 11, they embrace the Kindle as their most widely used device for e-book consumption (Figure 1). These insights are courtesy of Bowker® Market Research’s Understanding the Digital Consumer project, an ongoing study of the use of e-books by British consumers. The latest wave of research, completed in March 2012, included an extended set of questions around children and their use of digital content.
“The e-book market is developing rapidly in all age groups. Children are big consumers of books and it’s essential to plot their take up of this format,” said Jo Henry, Director of Bowker Market Research. “Young children’s preference for laptops may reflect that device’s superior delivery of colour and graphics, so important in books for that age group. As tablets take hold, we may see younger readers skip past dedicated e-readers altogether and go directly to this emerging device.”

Full story at Bowker.

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