Wednesday, December 01, 2010


The publishers had better nominate this title for the Ngaio Marsh Award next year judging by the enthusiastic reviews it is receiving- see below. I thought it was very good indeed although could have been even better with some skilful editing.

Vanda Symon, Lynn Freeman and Kate De Goldi are just a few of the many New Zealanders who have read Surrender, the crime fiction novel from Wellington author, Donna Malane, and enjoyed this thrilling tale.

“A really interesting book…plenty of local colour and language to it…I love this character, she’s tough, funny… and very, very likeable.“ – Vanda Symon, Radio New Zealand

“Told in first-person through Diane's eyes, Surrender is an impressive debut powered by a vivid and captivating narrative voice. While you'd perhaps expect great action, setting and description from someone used to the sight and sound world of television, Malane also does a terrific job in terms of what separates a novel from a screenplay ‐ her main character's internal world.” – Craig Sisterson, New Zealand Herald

“The judges of the award, The New Zealand Herald Books Editor Linda Herrick, acclaimed editor and fiction writer Graeme Lay, and Pindar Publishing’s Mia Yardley, have made a good decision in picking this story, and I look forward to seeing what further excellent books this award produces in the coming years. “ – Sarah Gumbley, NZLawyer Magazine

“New Zealand’s Stieg Larsson” – Mike Plant, Classic Hits

“This book would be a perfect summer read for anyone looking for a crime novel with substance. Though Surrender is a murder mystery featuring a spunky, modern heroine, it is fundamentally a novel about love, loss and moving on.” – Mira Bradshaw, TVNZ Online

“‘Surrender’ by Donna Malane is the winner of inaugural NZ Society of Authors Pindar Publishing Prize and it’s not hard to see why it won. It’s a gripping read, blending an intriguing mystery with a tense atmosphere and dark humour.” – Debbie Cowens

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