Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another poetry collection for Tuesday - poetry day!

Heading North
Helen Rickerby
Kilmog Press

Edition of 70, Hardback, cloth cover, 24 pages
ISBN 978-0- 9864616-6-8
RRP: $45.00

In Heading North Helen Rickerby takes us on the road. This playful and reflective sequence explores the tensions and connections between the narrator and her lover on a road trip towards the tip of the North Island. The place where two oceans meet, Cape Reinga, is the calm in their subtle storm. Heading North is an inner and outer journey through the geography of  Northland.                                               
About the author:
Helen Rickerby is the author of two previous collections of poetry: Abstract Internal Furniture (2001) and My Iron Spine (2008). She is co-managing editor of JAAM literary magazine and runs Seraph Press, a boutique poetry publisher. She lives in Wellington, in a cliff-top tower, and works as a web editor.


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