Thursday, November 16, 2006


I "subscribe" to a number of on-line newspapers and e-zines, newsletters and the like in an attempt to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of books.
Two of my on-line newspaper favourites are the New York Times and The Guardian while the IIML e-mail newsletter is my favourite New Zealand inward communication.

These three "publications" all require registration but it is free.

Here is a piece from yesterday's IIML newsletter for your interest:

Evil advice (for tourists)
As we head towards our 100th newsletter, and towards the summer tourist season, we thought it might be fun to run our first ever competition – yes, with a prize, too. Some time back The New Statesman asked its readers to submit examples of ‘evil advice for tourists in Britain’. This yielded some wonderful recommendations, including the following:

* Be sure to try the famous echo in the British Museum Reading Room
* On entering an Underground train, it is customary to shake hands with every passenger.
* London barbers are delighted to shave patrons' armpits.
* Bus conductors like to be paid in 5 and 10 pound notes as they hate carrying heavy coins up and down the stairs.
* Never attempt to tip a taxi driver.

The four readers who send us the ‘best’ pieces of advice for tourists in New Zealand – as subjectively judged by a panel of IIML staff members – will each win a $50.00 book token. The competition is open only to subscribers to this newsletter, and the result will be announced in Newsletter 100, just before Christmas.

Entries to by 15 December, please.

To subscribe to the IIML newsletter, visit

Two of my favourite regular columns in the IIML Newsletter are Recent Web Reading and Great Lists of our Time.
Register now, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Bookman Beattie.

P.S. The drawing at the top of this item is by artist,poet,curator,and art historian Greg O'Brien. I love it.

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