Thursday, November 02, 2006


Friends travelling home from the U.S. on Sunday very kindly brought back for me a copy of the Sunday edition of the New York Times.
This is a wonderful newspaper that I look at on the Internet most days but as I sat reading it over lunch today I thought how much more satisfying it is to read the actual paper copy rather than the electronic copy.

Which led me on to thinking about e-books which many are saying will become the norm in the future.I had heard that Sony had started selling their Sony Reader in the U.S.which they claim to be very booklike.

When I punched Sony e-book into Google it lead me to the Houston Chronicle which had a story on this product in the Computing section of their Oct.30 issue under the heading:

Sony's e-book device uses novel approach.

For anyone with an interest in this subject it is a story worth reading.

Go to
Then enter the heading they used on their story as above in the search box and press go.

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Anonymous said...

I work in the heady world of academic publishing, which is one area in which the e-book has had every chance to thrive - and hasn't. Across the world, every time students are offered the chance to have chapters online, the majority of them head for the 'print' button. It's not that there isn't enourmous potential for digital publishing & uses for new technology in the publsihing world, it's just that the obvious 'take book; clunk it onto a screen' apprioch doesn't work. The codex has been a useful, compact, portable, cheap, reliable media form for a few hundred years now, and I don't think that's going to change any time soon.