Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night down by the harbour at the Auckland Seafood School Paul Mercurio wore his chef and entertainer's hats carrying out both roles with style and panache. Accompanied by his Dancing with the Stars fellow judge Alison Leonard he cooked two dishes from his recently published, best-selling book, MERCURIO'S MENU, and later the forty guests of Easymix FM and publishers Allen & Unwin, were given the chance to cook the same two dishes for ourselves.

First up Beer marinated prawns with crisp asparagus spears from page 54 of the new book followed by Hapuka (groper) in foil on the barbecue. Both were absolutely delicious.

Mercurio clearly loves fresh food and loves to cook it. In his TV show, same name as his book and screening in NZ on the Food Channel, he travels about Australia and New Zealand cooking regional food with local foodies and chefs.
The TV show in Australia attracts over a million viewers per episode and watching him perform last evening, "dancing with food" as Alison Leonard put it so well, it is easy to understand his huge following and popularity.
He attributes his passion for food and cooking to his Mum who always brought a sense of celebration to her cooking when the family were young even though there was not a lot of cash about.

MERCURIO'S MENU (Murdoch Books) is a most appealing book which I am sure is going to find its way into many a New Zealand home.
And what a nice man, talented too.


Trevor J. said...

Sounds wonderful. Bookman I love your positive and happy attitude that shines through your blog.

Paul said...

Thanks you for your kind words about my book I am very proud of it and the response from people who have seen and bought it.

Yes the night at the seafood school was a really great night and it was so good to hear the laughter from everyone participating not to mention the smells of the each dish wafting upon the air!!